SEO: Google has changed, have you? « all news

Evolution of how Google has changed for SEO

SEO: Google has changed, have you? « all news

16th February 2022

A Profile Teach-In with Dave Kelly from Synterest.

On 10 February 2022, Dave Kelly gave his tips on how Google now ranks website pages so that you can achieve first page results. 91% of traffic to websites comes from the first page.

Google has 86% of market share for all searches – so you need to optimise your SEO for Google. Google has evolved as an algorithm (a set of rules or tasks in a specific order to solve a problem):

So, how has SEO changed?

Keyphrase quality: Now Google penalises you for repetition; use questions as your keyphrases; and short meta descriptions – less than 155 characters.

Link Quality: It used to be about quantity and now it’s about quality; it needs to be natural and related and no ‘link-swapping’ or paying for links; each page is ranked individually.

E-A-T Expertise, Authority, Trust: Google went from relevant to correct e.g. NHS vs medical guru; need to update content regularly in plain, readable English with good titles; have credible websites linking to your content.

Mobile First: Google now goes to the mobile site first, so your mobile version needs to be performing well.

Page Experience / technical SEO (elements not related to your content): How secure your website is (Https); image type ‘webp’ preferred by Google; image size – resize them to load more quickly; alt text should include key phrases; file names should also include key phrases; Google ranks how fast your site loads.

Other: get rid of external, spam links. Tell Google to ignore these links

If you would like to contact Dave Kelly about improving your SEO:

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